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If you reside in a region that offers a live state pageant, your information will be forwarded to your state director within 48 hours.


If you reside in a region where a live pageant is not offered, you may apply for an appointed title.


Appointed titleholders are available on a first come basis. The appointed entry fee of $595 (or $395 for ages 0-5) includes your national activities, official crown and sash. If awarded an appointed title, an immediate $100 deposit is required to reserve the title. Once the full entry fee has been paid, your official crown and sash will be ordered.


Regional and state contest directors set their own fees, which are priced lower than the national appointment fee and oftentimes include training and prizes to aid your journey to America's Little Miss. 


Payments for the required national ad page are due by June 1st, 2016.





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