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"Mini Nationals"

A national level experience for girls ages 0-5


Girls ages 0-5 are invited to join America's Little Miss and compete on a national level in their very own "Mini National" competition.  


National events for girls ages 0-5 are packed into a short 3 day weekend,  August 24-26th 2023.


The program is designed for even the youngest competitors across America who are looking to meet other girls & families with similar interest and goals!  America's Little Miss knows that even the  youngest competitors crave competition on a national level and deserve to be awarded and recognized for their natural beauty & sparkling personality!  



Age Divisions

Baby Miss: Ages 0-23 months

Toddler Miss: Ages 2-3

Mini Miss: Ages 4-5




America's Little Miss looks for girls with sparkling personalities. No pageant experience is necessary! Light makeup and a light "sun-kissed" tan are allowed so that contestants are not washed out by stage lights; however, these should be age appropriate and only enhance the child's beauty. Hair extensions are allowed but not to be overdone. Fake teeth (flippers) and anything else that ages the contestant are not necessary. This is not a glitz pageant and everything should be age appropriate. 


1 parent of chaperone will be allowed to accompany each child on stage during any competition.  
The national titles are non contract-binding, but you must return to the pageant next year to crown your successor. You are not allowed to compete in another pageant that would require you to give up your state or national title; however, you may compete in other pageants as long as they allow you to keep your title. 


Participation in any state or regional contest requires the contestant's parent or legal guardian reside, attend school or work in the state or region as detailed by the regional contest. Participants must be age 0-5 as of August 15th 2023.



Phases of Competition 

America's Fashion Model (50% of total score)

Each contestant will wear the official America's Little Miss sequin logo t-shirt along with white shoes & white shorts.  Judges will be accessing the contestants natural beauty, confidence level and modeling potential in this phase of the competition.  Upbeat music will be provided.  

Formal Wear (50% of total score)
 Each contestant will wear a formal gown of her choice. This is not a "glitz" pageant. The contestant should appear comfortable on stage, just as the audience should feel comfortable watching her on stage. The dress should fit well and exude her personality. Again, it needs to be age-appropriate.

Remember: Wear the dress- don't let it wear you! Pick your favorite one so you appear comfortable on stage. Judges are assessing the natural beauty of each contestant in formal attire that she loves!



MORE WAYS TO WIN                   Optionals            MORE WAYS TO WIN 

                   WIN $250 CASH**some restrictions apply


All Age Divisions.  1 Overall winner: $250 cash award & plaque.  

 1st-4th runners up: On-stage recognition & trophies





  • America's Photogenic                      

  • America's Portfolio 

  • America's Casualwear modeling     

  • America's Glamour Girl  

  • America's State Costume

  • America's Side Awards 

***Each age division must have a minimum of 25 paid entries for each optional to award full cash payout.  

***If any optional has less than 25 total participants in any age division then the cost of the optional will be paid out to the overall winner






























Rock the runway:

Wild for the Runway!

*** National Runway Competition ***

*** ALL AGES ***

Use your imagination and express your "Wild Side" in our fun national runway competition! This competition is NOT part of the final pageant score & is FREE for all delegates to compete in.

Upbeat music will be provided. Judges will be looking for confidence, modeling potential and creativity. One winner per age division will be announced during pageant finals. 






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